Our Products and Services

  • Health Intelligence

    Consumer-centered - Our interactive wellness platform focuses on reducing health disparities by connecting large diverse consumer and physician groups with health & wellness specialists, patient education and training specialists, emergency preparedness specialists, and allied academic and corporate partners.   Our platform allows individuals and family caregivers to efficiently manage the many components of their healthcare from a centralized point of access.


    Health Information Portal to enhance test results for patient-to-doctor and doctor-to-doctor communication and reduce or eliminate redundant test.  Also, provide statistics on the viability of certain test.


    Health Information Portal facilitates patient, doctor, hospital, and pharmacy about a patient’s medication history.  This addresses emergency care when a patient is unable to speak.


    Health Information Portal provides on-demand information and education for their lifestyle (ex: nutrition) and notifies them about products and situations that are helpful or harmful.

  • Health Justice and Advocacy

    Our Mission is to provide the tools and the support that trusted leaders of communities of color need to promote health justice.  Additionally, by working together with faith-based organizations and health advocacy organizations, OurHealthMinistry.com is able to assist in the dissemination and management of information that allows community leaders to develop, promote and advocate for the quality health status that their communities deserve.

  • AMECHealth.com

AMEChealth.org  will provide pastors, organization leaders, health ministers and nurses with tools and resources necessary to address the health needs and concerns of  your members and the communities you serve.  The system will provide resources for hosting successful health seminars, workshops and fairs, and will enable worship leaders to better address health issues, which will effectively promote the importance of overall health management.  By utilizing AMEChealth.org  you and your health ministers  will be able to collect and collate data, which will enable the AME Church to quantify the health status and demographic make-up of their congregations/members, as well as within the various denominations.