OurHealthministry.com Health Information Portal

A culturally specific Web-based health information resource, OurHealthMinistry.com was created to help church-based health ministries more effectively reach, engage, and empower communities of color. Underlying all we do is the belief that optimal health is possible for everyone.
What Makes OurHealthMinistry.com Unique on the Web?
Healthy lifestyles are best achieved and sustained with help from trusted social support groups, including faith-based organizations. OurHealthMinistry.com is the only place on the Web where Faith, Health, Healthcare, and Social Media truly intersect for maximum benefit:
  • If you are a bishop or pastor, you will personally benefit and your church and congregation will flourish by being associated with this portal.
  • If you are a health minister, you will be able to start, grow, and support your Health Ministry while networking with like-minded folks.
  • If you are a church member or other person of faith, your health and that of your loved ones will improve through your interaction with OurHealthMinistry.com. 
Our goals for users of our site are profoundly important, yet simply stated:
  • Maximize the outcomes of grassroots organizations’ healthy-lifestyle initiatives,
  • Close the healthcare disparity gap for communities of color and other vulnerable populations, and
  • In every way possible, assist faith-based organizations in achieving the best healthcare outcomes for their members.  
How OurHealthMinistry.com Operates
OurHealthMinistry.com provides culturally aligned tools and resources that pastors, health ministers, and organization leaders need in order to: 
  • Educate their members
  • Understand and advocate for members’ specific health needs and concerns 
In addition, on OurHealthMinistry.com, people of color can be assured they are receiving the highest-quality health information, personal health record, and other health tools from people who look like them and understand them. accessing health information, storing their own information, and sharing their information with healthcare providers, all from a trusted, secure, centralized place.Using these tools, they can feel confident
And So …
By connecting faith-based communities of color with their members, and their members to each other, OurHealthMinistry.com is helping them achieve better health for all.